Meet a banker

  • Facts

    • The Big Bang
      One of the biggest changes to banking jobs came on 27th October 1986. These reforms decreased regulation and the London Stock Exchange also moved from a system known as 'open-outcry' to electronic, screen-based trading. This became known as 'Big Bang'.
    • Working in a great financial centre
      The UK has long been established as one of the world's leading financial centres. The UK is the easiest country in Europe in which to raise new capital with London alone counting 241 foreign banks, as well as the largest venture capital market. 

In 1995 Barings was taken over by ING. This section of the site will give you the chance to find out about the kind of things people do in their daily roles at ING Commercial Banking UK. From Risk Management to Insurance and from Cash Management to Trading, people in this sector carry out an enormous number of different jobs.

Who we met

  • Henry Rushton, Insurance Sector Finance
    Henry’s work is focused mainly on the insurance sector of the financial world. His job is to calculate how strong a company is and whether they have enough financial strength for the bank to be confident that there is not too high a risk in lending them money to develop their business. 

  • Carolyn Rajaratnam, Credit Risk Management
    At ING, Carolyn is responsible for analysing the risk involved in lending money to a company. She has to be sure that the business borrowing the money is in a position to be able to repay the debt when the time comes to do that.

  • Elizabeth Hayes, Cash Management
    In Liz’s job she works alongside some very major UK companies and helps them manage their cash in Europe. When a UK company sells goods to European buyers and they pay their bills through a bank outside the UK, Liz manages the process of bringing their money back into this country. 

  • Jeroen van de Crommenacker, Equity Capital Markets
    Jeroen works closely with clients across the emerging market sector. Many of these are based in Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries. He advises companies when they want to raise money to expand their business.

  • Tom Tipper, Leveraged Finance
    The main focus of Tom’s job is to help companies who wish to buy another business to find the money which will help them make that purchase. The company making the purchase use some of their own money but may need to borrow further to complete the deal. Tom’s job is to help them achieve their goal. 

  • Joy Giorgi, Equity Markets Sales
    Much of Joy’s work involves her working closely with clients who are interested in investing in emerging markets in countries such as Russia and the Ukraine. Joy’s clients are often large institutions such as pension funds and other banks.


Making investment banking your career

Would you like to work in a bank? Can you see yourself as a commodities trader or working in mergers and acquisitions? If you would like to find out more about a career in the world of banking and finance then follow the links below.