About our Bankers

Who works in Commercial Banking and what kind of jobs do they do?

The banking and finance sector offers a very wide range of employment opportunities. Most of us are very familiar with high street banks and when we visit the bank we can see what it is that people do there. We see people who work behind the counter of the bank where people pay in and take out money and carry out lots of other actions related to their personal and business bank accounts. We might also need the services of an advisor to help with running a small business or perhaps someone who can advise us about a mortgage to buy a house. High street banks offer many different services for customers.

What we might not be so clear about are the many other jobs that are carried out in this industry, particularly those away from the high street banks in the world of commercial banking. This section of the site will give you the chance to find out about the kind of things people do in their daily roles. From Risk Management to Insurance and from Cash Management to Trading, people in this sector carry out an enormous number of different jobs. Much of what they do relates to the financing of large businesses and organisations that have enormous turnovers, millions, even billions, of pounds.

Our bankers are involved in a wide variety of jobs within finance. Tom Tipper is a Vice-president in the Leverage Finance team, Henry Rushton specialises in working in the Insurance sector whilst Liz Hayes is a specialist in helping companies move their cash assets around the world. Joy Giorgi is a trader working with emerging markets in countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, Jeroen van de Crommenacker also