What is your Job?

What kind of jobs do people do in the finance sector?

"I am looking after UK corporate companies. So that would typically mean they turn over a billion pounds or more every year in sales."

Working in the finance and banking industry offers people the chance to do a whole range of different jobs. At ING Commercial Banking UK we were lucky enough to meet a number of people who work in very varied roles in finance and banking.

Elizabeth Hayes is a Cash Management Consultant for ING. Her job involves helping large companies, usually with a turnover of more than one billion pounds, manage their financial assets and bring their money back to the UK from the countries where they trade. For instance a major British supermarket might have stores in countries across Europe where they sell their goods to people who live there. The people who buy their goods pay in the currency of that country - if the store is in the Czech Republic then customers will be paying in Czech Crowns. Liz would then help that company move their money back to the UK, converting very large sums of money into Sterling and paying any fees and taxes that are required.

Tom Tipper works in Leveraged Finance where he helps companies who wish to buy other businesses raise the money they need. When a company wishes to buy a business they may have some of their own money to use for the acquisition, but often they will not have as much as they need to make it possible. Tom's job is to find investors who are willing to lend the money to this company - sometimes this may be a few hundred thousand pounds and sometimes many millions.

Henry Rushton is an analyst, specialising in the insurance sector for ING. He looks at insurance companies and analyses their financial state and setup. He assesses their financial health so that when an insurance company wishes to borrow money from the bank, perhaps to expand their business, the bank will able to do this with confidence and work out how big a risk it will be to lend them this money.