How has your Job Changed?

Has the way you do your job fundamentally changed in recent years? Has the impact of new technologies changed how you do your job?

"The Instant Messaging within Bloomberg has really changed things dramatically ... trading rooms are quieter places than they used to be."

New technologies now play a very major part of the work that everyone does in business and finace. Many workers say that without their computers they could not do their job. Technology has made their job far more efficient.

Our bankers told us that their computers allow them to carry out tasks much more rapidly and that they are able to store and retieve information at much greater speed than they could in the past. These changes have come about in a relatively very short time. In October 1986 the London Stock Exchange moved from the age-old system known as 'open-outcry' whereby trading was done by humans on the exchange floor shouting information to each other and making sales, to a fully electronic system managed by high-powered information technology systems. Whilst the rest of the banking industry did not make such a dramatic change from one working method to another there has still been a technological revolution across this sector.

New technologies allow our bankers to carry out transactions around the clock - they are no longer confined to the strictly 9-5 working day.