What Skills do you Need?

If you wanted to work in the banking industry do you have to be a mathematical wizard? Would you need a degree in economics?

"It's very important to be able to work with other people because you don't do this job on your own."

Many people would imagine that the most important qualifications for a person entering the banking industry would be focussed around Mathematics and Economics.

We found that our bankers came to their jobs from a range of backgrounds. For instance, Henry explained to us that although he had taken a degree course at university his chosen subject had been Theology. Whilst some of our group did study Mathematics, many of them had followed courses in different subjects.

What all of our bankers were agreed upon was that there are many other very important skills which are essential if a person is to work in this field. All of our interviewees emphasised the importance of team-working and were very clear about the fact that none of them could do their jobs successfully without the help of a wide team of people around them. Personal skills were also rated as highly essential by our bankers as so much of their job involves meeting and speaking with clients. It is very important that a client has trust in the team managing their investments.