Is your Job Exciting?

Is banking and finance an interesting world in which to work or is it mostly about doing lots of very repetitive tasks? What might make this kind of work exciting?

"The best bit of the job is when a project is completed and the customer is happy."

What are the day-to-day jobs that people do at a bank such as ING? Are bankers' days filled with exciting, nail-biting, cliffhanger style deals and trades? What our bankers told us is that their jobs are exciting for a whole list of different reasons and that they enjoy their jobs because of all sorts of different factors. Almost all of our interviewees told us that they very much enjoy the opportunities they have to work with other people and that the team dynamic is very important to them. Some of them spoke about the fact that the excitement of their job comes from the fact that no two days are identical in their work. Each day brings new surprises and new challenges and that keeps the job feeling fresh and challenging.

All of them mentioned the very positive feeling they get from seeing a job, a deal, a trade come to completion often after many weeks, even months, of very hard work negotiating, researching, maybe travelling to visit the client in their own country. Seeing the client happy and the bank pleased with the outcome was clearly very important to all of them.