If you were Not in Finance what would you Like to be Doing?

We all have thoughts of doing other jobs than the one we are doing at present. What other things might our bankers like to do if they were not in this industry?

"I would ideally like to be running some kind of outdoor activity centre."

Many people do one job but dream of doing something quite different. Other people find great satisfaction in the job they are in and are happy to continue in it for the rest of their working life. In the 21st century people tend to change jobs far more often than they used to. One statistic, published around 2007, suggested that by the age of 38 the average person in the UK has done 14 different jobs. Only 30 years ago that figure would most likely have been two or three at most.

Our bankers talked of a whole range of other possible jobs that they might do one day. More than one of them highlighted teaching as being something they would really like to turn their hand to in the future. The others mentioned quite an assortment of career ambitions, ranging from journalist to food scientist and one even hoping one day to run their own outdoor education centre.