Did you Always Want to do this Job?

Some people know what job they want to do from a very early age. Others only decide on their future employment when they are much older. We wondered if anyone decides to become a banker when they are very young.

"I had an A level trip to the London Stock Exchange and to some extent that was a defining moment for me."

Many young children have ideas of what they would like to be when they are older. Lots would like to be astronauts, airline pilots, train drivers, ballerinas or premier league footballers. However it seems that not many children dream of being an employee in a bank.

We asked our bankers when they first had an idea of working in banking and finance and how they eventually gained employment in this sector. Most mentioned that the course they took had a bearing on the job they ended up in, whilst one talked about being influenced by a visit to the Stock Exchange when they were at school.

We also wondered what their route was into their job. Did they take a very traditional route into banking such as taking a degree in Mathematics or Economics? We found that whilst some of our interviewees did follow this kind of path, others of them had followed very different ways into banking. Some had followed courses in subjects which seem to have little or no relation to finance.