The City

  • Facts

    • A leading world centre

      The City is a leading centre of global finance.

    • A major meeting point for business

      The City is one of the world's primary business centres where companies can source finance provision.

    • A major employer

      330,000 people work in the City, mainly in the financial services sector.

The City of London is an area within Greater London. Within this small area, known as the square mile, some of the biggest financial transactions in the world take place.

Main Functions

This section will help you understand the main functions of the City: there are cartoons to explain core concepts, activities, background information and links to relevant items in the archives.
Finance and Investment
The most important role of the City is to channel money available for investment into companies who can use it to grow and generate profit. Follow the story of our imaginary company, Butlers, to see how loans, shares, bonds and venture capital are used to expand the business.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Another main activity in the City is when companies merge, sell off parts of their business or take each other over. Follow the story of our imaginary company, Butlers, to find out what happens when they are taken over by a larger company followed by a management buy-out.

The trading of financial instruments is a vital part of the City. Much of this trading is not for immediate delivery but for delivery at an agreed price at a later date; this is the derivatives market. See how derivatives (forwards and options) are explained to a new recruit at our imaginary bank.

Understanding the City

This section provides background information about how the City works, who the main players are and how they trade.

City's Main Players
Find out why companies and governments come to the City to raise capital, the role played by City banks; what brokers do and who the institutional investors are that provide the funds that make the financial markets possible.

Financial Markets 
Gain an overview of the financial markets and the roles they play. Find out more about stock exchanges and what they do, and why the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) is so important.

Meet a Banker

At ING Commercial Banking UK we meet a number of
people who work in very varied roles.

Some work in established markets, others with
emerging markets in countries such as Russia,
Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Their jobs range from Risk Management to Trading and Leveraged Finance.

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