Source: The Northfleet Shipbuilding Company: Letter from Mr G Irving (2)

Date: 1863Number: 102Record office number: HC17.240


Letter dated 7th July asking for assistance and for Barings to provide one or two Directors for the company


 Baring MP


7 July Travellers

Dear Baring

I have abstain'd from troubling you on the subject of the North Fleet Ship buildg scheme since the day when you told me that you would consult with Mr Bates as soon as he should return to business after the late melancholy loss of Mrs Bates.

I understand that he is again at Bishopsgate St & imagine that you may have had an opportunity of speaking to him in the subject.

We have so clearly explained to you the nature of this aid we are anxious you should afford us, and that the countenance of your House & not the money is our object that it is useless to expatiate further on that point.

We have some very good Directors, we have the all best promise of more, &...
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