Source: The Northfleet Shipbuilding Company: Letter from Mr G Irving (3)

Date: 1863Number: 103Record office number: HC17.240


In this letter, Irving again asks Barings for support and tells of his ill health and anxiety regarding the proposed company.


T Baring Esq MP


15 Pell Mell
28th July 1863

My Dear Baring

The extreme difficulty which I have in writing these lines to you in consequence of the dreadful state of health I have been in for some time, makes me fear they will be hardly intelligible, yet it is of the greatest consequence they should be so and that we should know the result of your consultations with Mr Bates on the subject of the Northfleet Company - our present state of prospects cannot better be laid before you than by the accompanying letter I have received from Mr Vizetelly - had our proposal been accepted when made we have every reason to believe that by this time we should have been in as flourishing a state as we would desire and all that is now even necessary...
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