Source: The Moscow to St Petersburg Railway: Various images

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1. Pavel Petrovich Melnikov (1804-1880), an engineer and administrator who superintended the construction of the railway

2. A woodburning locomotive that ran on the line

3. Naidenov Station in 1884.

Railway stations in Moscow and St Petersburg were built according to the same design by architect, Konstantin Ton. The buildings were beautifully decorated on the inside, especially the apartments created for the use of royal family when they wished to travel on the line.

4. Kalanchevskaya (Komsomolskaya) Square and Nikolaevsky Rail Terminal, Moscow, 1850

5. Baron Alexander von Stieglitz of the Stieglitz banking house of St Petersburg.

As banker to the Emperor, Baron von Stieglitz managed Russian financial operations for this issue.

6. Richard Cobden, a British manufacturer and Radical and Liberal statesman who spoke against the transaction.

Cobden believed that the funds raised by this transaction would not, in fact, be used to finance the construction the of the Railway. He believed that the money would be used to finance Russia's war against Hungary.

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