Source: Other: The Weardale Iron Works

Date: 1847Number: 120Record office number: HC1 20.8


Letter from Joshua Bates, partner at Barings, to a Mr Young about the Iron Works at Weardale, County Durham

Note: In this letter, Joshua Bates mentions a train crash on the line ahead of him. Unfortunately, in the nineteenth century, train crashes were far more frequent than they are nowadays. 


Towlaw Tuesday

My Dear Young, I arrived safe yesterday morning, which I mention as the train before us was smashed to pieces near North Allerton. These were only second class carriages and how they could have been smashed as they were into thousands of pieces, without killing anybody I cannot imagine.

The furnaces are going well and I found Mr Attwood quite ready to adopt my suggestions for reducing expenditure. I have great hopes that in the future we shall be able to meet our payments by sale of iron and chairs. As to the undertaking generally I do not alter my opinion at the least but the outlay has been greater of course than was calculated but it has been in proportion for six furnaces.

They are making beautiful chairs and at the rate of 60 tons per...
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