Source: History of Barings: Architectural plan showing proposed development of Nos 10-12 Bishopsgate

Date: 1913Number: 38Record office number: 300514.4


Plan by Gerald C Horsley, architect commissioned in 1911-12 to develop Nos 10-12 Bishopsgate, adjoining No 8 Bishopsgate

In 1805/06 the bank moved to 8 Bishopsgate, a large house fronted by an open courtyard. In 1880, new frontage was designed for the bank at Bishopsgate by architect, Richard Norman Shaw. Gradually, the business expanded to occupy the adjoining properties and in 1911-12, further development was required. This coloured drawing is dated 29 October 1912 and shows the proposed front elevation of Nos 8-12 Bishopsgate.

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