Source: Arthur Guinness and Son: Agreement

Date: 1886Number: 70Record office number: 201226


Agreement between Arthur Guinness and Son and Barings concerning the floatation of the brewery


Sir Edward Cecil Guinness Baronet of the one part and Messrs Baring Brothers and Co. of the other part

1. Messrs Baring Brothers and Co. will offer for public subscription the whole of the present issue of the Capital of "Arthur Guinness Son and Co. Limited" which company is now in course of formation, viz  £2,000,000 Ordinary Shares £2,000,000 Preference 6% Shares, and £1,500,000 5% Debenture Stock with the exception of £800,000 Ordinary Shares which are to be issued to Sir Edward Cecil Guinness  as fully paid up.

2. The price of issue shall be prove

3. Messrs Baring Brother and Co. agree to take £500,000 of the Ordinary Shares and £250,000 of the Preference Shares and £250,000 of the Debenture Stock.

4. Sir Edward Cecil Guinness will pay to Messrs Baring Brothers and Co. all the expenses incurred in connection with the formation of the Company or the issue of the  Capital (such expenses not to exceed £3,000) together with a Commission of 2% on the present issue of the Share and Debenture Capital fo the Company allotted and 1/4 % brokerage on the total amount alloted both exclusive of the Shar eCapital reserved for Sir Edward Cecil Guinness.

Dated this 20th day of October 1886

Edward C Guinness

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