It's not often that students get to risk millions of pounds! Here, on E2BN's Risks and Rewards site, they can do just that. Well, not REAL pounds, but near enough to let them find out the risks and rewards of high finance.

Today, we are all too aware of the perils of the financial world, and how it can impact on all our lives. But how much do we really know about it? How has it shaped our present-day way of life? How does it all work? What does it feel like to be a invest huge sums of money?

These are things students will find fascinating to learn about, and it's important that they do. After all, finance lies at the very heart of the way the modern world ticks. There is a growing body of opinion that financial understanding is of great importance to children's education. Indeed at the time of writing, an e-petition demanding that financial education becomes a compulsory part of the curriculum has received the requisite 100,000 signatures to bring this issue before parliament and begin the debate.

E2BN's 'Risks and Rewards' is a site to assist teachers in delivering important elements of the curriculum - in mathematics, history, business studies and economics, as well as PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education) - from Key Stage 2 right up to Key Stage 4 and above. A wealth of differentiated resources aim to help young people increase their financial awareness and understanding.

The various options in the menu on the left will provide teachers with a great deal of guidance in using the site. We have not included specific lesson plans but rather have made available a range of ideas. We hope that teachers will take these ideas and expand them, adapting them for their own school, pupils and resources.