Curriculum linkage to KS2 PSHE

"During Key Stage 2 pupils learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals with their own experiences and ideas, and as members of their communities. They become more mature, independent and self-confident. They learn about the wider world and the interdependence of communities within it. They develop their sense of social justice and moral responsibility and begin to understand that their own choices and behaviour can affect local, national or global issues and political and social institutions."
DfE website, PSHE curriculum for KS2

Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities

e. about the range of jobs carried out by people they know, and to understand how they can develop skills to make their own contribution in the future
f. to look after their money and realise that future wants and needs may be met through saving.

Teachers could use the ‘Meet a banker’ section to help pupils understand the varying jobs which exist within the financial world. They might also use the ‘Discover the city’ section to understand about investments and savings.

Breadth of opportunities

d. make real choices and decisions [for example, about … how to spend money, including pocket money and contributions to charities]

Use the ‘Finance’ section of the site to explore different kinds of savings. Try out ,buying and selling, shares in the Shares section of 'Discover the City'.