Financial education debated in Parliament

On Dec 15 2011, following the fact that an e-petition received more than 100,000 signatures, the issues surrounding financial education were debated in parliament. The petition which was launched by Martin Lewis calls for financial education to become compulsory for young people.

Justin Tomlinson (Conservative MP for North Swindon) said: "young people today grow up in an increasingly complex financial world requiring them to make difficult decisions for the future, often without the necessary level of financial literacy; believes that financial education will help address the national problem of irresponsible borrowing and personal insolvency and that teaching people about budgeting and personal finance will help equip the workforce with the necessary skills to succeed in business and drive forward economic growth; further believes that the country has a duty to equip its young people properly through education to make informed financial decisions; and calls on the Government to consider the provision of financial education as part of the current curriculum review."

The link below will allow you to read the full transcript of the parliamentary debate.

Transcript of financial education debate