History Teaching Unit: On the History of Finance

Teaching unit on the HISTORY OF FINANCE
This is for use in KS 3 and KS 4 history.

Why use this unit?

There is so much rich information about the history of finance in this site. There comes a point when nothing but a good old fashioned essay question will do justice to it. This activity asks pupils to write an essay, or, if you prefer, to prepare a presentation. 

What does this unit do?

This unit asks pupils to research the history of finance, using this website as their source. They then  write an essay or prepare a presentation.


Using the Risks and Rewards website as a source, pupils research and either write an essay or prepare a class presentation. Suggested titles are below.

The pupils could rove around the website at will; however, for those that need more direction, here are the most useful pages for the task in hand:

The development of the modern company

Responding to change

The role of the Stockbroker


The following are suggested essay or presentation titles:


A history of finance in Britain and Europe since the Middle Ages


How does the early history of Barings help us understand the rise of merchant banking in Britain? 


How did merchant banks help the rise of trade and industry in the late 18th and early 19th centuries?