Economics at GCSE and Advanced level

GCSE Level
Whilst we can not provide a specific curriculum map for the study of Economics at GCSE level due to the range of differing courses from various exam boards, we can point out areas of the Risks & Rewards site which will greatly support teachers and students following courses at this level

Use the 'Would you invest?' activity and the 'Finance' section to explore areas such as:

Business Economics - Production; Economies of Scale; Competition; Monopoly and Oligopoly; & Public and Private Sectors.

The National and Global Economy - International Trade; Exchange Rates

The Market System - The Price System - Demand and Supply; Equilibrium Price; Elasticity of Demand

Advanced Level
At Advanced Level teachers and students should find many of the resources within Risks & Rewards very useful. The 'Would you invest?' activity will allow students to take part in real-life virtual business scenarios, make decisions about investments, consider local, national and global factors which might affect their decisions. They will be able to find out how the experts at Barings Bank viewed the prospects for investment and eventually how their investments prospered or not.

These investments are based on real scenarios from the archive of Barings Bank and include some of the world's most important industrial developments of the past two centuries including the building of The Manchester Ship Canal, The London Tramways, the flotation of the Guinness Company and The American Bicycle Company.

The 'Finance' section of the site will allow them to gain an understanding of the banking system and how investment banks work. They will be able to research many different financial features such as Bonds, Venture Capital and Futures.