Teaching Resource: Try Your Hand at Venture Capital

In this activity students work in small teams in the role of a venture capitalist working for the company Ventucap Limited. 

The students are asked to look at three executive summaries from three different companies and select which one they will recommend to the board of Ventucap for investment. 

A summary sheet is provided to help the students focus on those points that would be most important to a venture capitalist.

Before they start the task, the students should look at the section on venture capitalists to find out the sort of companies they invest in. These are often start up or high risk companies - very different from what other investors (eg banks) may be looking for.

You, the teacher, are the chair of the Ventucap board. It is your decision whether your students will give their recommendations in writing or as a verbal presentation.

There are no rights or wrongs in this activity, but the companies vary in how well they fit the criteria.  However, the students may make a very good case for any of them.