Business Studies Activity: Business Plan

This activity is for KS3 Business Studies student.

Why do this unit?

Business planning is a key business activity. This unit
guides students in undertaking this task. At the same time it consolidates
prior learning in setting up, marketing & finance.

What does this unit do?

Teams of students create a business plan based on the
scenario they are assigned. They present it to a bank in order to obtain
finance and they peer evaluate.


PCs, desks and chairs for group discussion

This unit will probably run over 2 or 3 lessons.



Recap key terminology with a multiple choice quiz (see
below, Appendix 1) to be done individually.

Main Activity

i) Follow the link below and complete the activity.
The students should work in small teams (of about 3 or 4) to create a business
plan, based on one of the new business briefs (see Appendix 2). Their aim is to
impress a bank and get a loan for their ‘company’.§ion=ks3&id=24

ii) They then become a team from the bank, tasked
with evaluating a different business plan and making a recommendation to the
bank manager. This will ensure they question appropriately.


Retake the key term quiz.