Business Studies Activity: Modifying the Marketing Mix - Product

This is for use in KS 3 Business Studies

Why do this unit?

This unit offers a great way to encourage pupils to
think analytically about the whole process of marketing, and the relationship
between products, markets and selling.

What does this unit do?

Students transform an advertisement from 1899 into an advert suitable
for today’s market, modifying the product to reach new buyers.


Interactive whiteboard or data projector, PCs for pupils, printer.



Teacher introduces or recaps on the concepts of marketing, product,
customer adoption, adapting products and services and modifying the marketing
mix. This could be done by focusing on how sportswear companies brand and market their sports shoes, constantly ‘adapting’ the product for the new season’s sales.

Main activities

Students are shown the following advert for a ladies’ bicycle on the
Risks and Rewards site:

Together the class identifies who the customers for this product would
be. What are the product features? How are the customers persuaded to buy the
product? How would customer needs and expectations be different in 1899 from

A teacher-led discussion considers the ratio of text to image, size of
font, type of language used, colour, how the customer is represented in the
advert and the creativity used.

In groups or individually, students are asked to create an advert for a
ladies’ bicycle suitable for today’s market. They need to identify needs and
wants in the market, design the basic product and sketch it and show how the
bicycle has been restyled to attract new buyers. They may wish to create
different adverts for different models, each targeting a different market
segment. The adverts could be created by hand on paper, designed using
Microsoft Publisher or fully developed into an advertising campaign using the
Picture Teller tool.


There is potential here for the adverts to be more fully developed and
then presented to the class in a following lesson.