Business Studies Activity: Market Research Methods

This is for use in KS 3 Business Studies

Why do this unit?

Students should understand how to use a questionnaire as primary research - that's why they should use this unit!

What does this unit do?

It gives students practice in constructing market research questionnaires.


Interactive whiteboard or data projector, PCs for pupils, printer.



Fill in the questionnaire below. It should take no more than 5 minutes.

Whole class discussion: What do you notice about the way the questionnaire is constructed and the types of questions asked?

In feedback, show pupils the ‘answers’ on Interactive Whiteboard.
Possibility here for teacher-led annotation

• The objectives are clear

• The questionnaire should be short.

• Opening questions should establish facts about the respondent

• Most should be closed questions

• Multiple choice questions make it easy to compare answers.

Whole class discussion: Are all businesses suitable for this kind of research?

Look at the businesses in the Would you Invest section of Risks and Rewards ( and select one that may be suitable and one that would not, giving reasons in both cases.

Main activity:

Students now need to construct a questionnaire for someone planning to open a sandwich shop on the local high street. They should complete 2 other students’ questionnaires and give feedback on how straightforward it is to complete and how useful they think it is. Students edit and adjust questionnaires and print out 10 copies.


Pupils are asked to identify the market segment and give the questionnaires to a cross-section of the demographic for completion.

The data can be analysed in a following lesson.