Business Studies Activity: Training

This is for use in KS 3/4 Business Studies

Why do this unit?

Training is a vital part of business life, and should be something that takes place throughout one's working life. This unit looks at issues around this topic.

What does this unit do?

This unit aims to make students aware of the benefits of an induction training programme and what might be included in it; and of the advantages and disadvantages of on the job training, such as in house training, and off the job training such as external courses.


Interactive whiteboard or data projector, PCs for pupils, printer.



Teacher shows the short 4 minute video and class read the text together - Risks & Rewards website.

This should then lead in to a discussion about the training of employees to fit the actual business – once the most suitable candidates have been selected, they have to be trained for that particular company and/or a specific job. It is not just about the qualifications they come with.

Main activities:

There are three main activities which will take an hour-long lesson (perhaps longer):

1. The Training worksheet below is good to use as an introduction – students match up the key terms and definitions and try to use in context.

2. Teacher can show the PowerPoint ‘Training’ to deliver the definitions, benefits and drawbacks of types of training.

3. The main activity attempts to engage the students in considering the benefits and drawbacks in context.

Students are to work in small groups to construct a short role play to demonstrate the issue they have been given, relating their issue to S&S Bank plc. These should be performed to the class and when someone guesses, they come and write it up on the board in a table headed “Benefits of Training & Drawbacks of Training”.

The scenarios are given in the “Role Play Training in Context” sheet below – this could be printed and each scenario issued to a group.

Try to get the students to analyse the ultimate EFFECT on the business (usually survival, profit or growth) e.g. better trained staff = good customer service = happy satisfied customer = repeat business = survival & growth.


Students are to copy the Benefits and Drawbacks table which should now be up on the board.


Students are to complete the homework worksheet below, to check they fully understand the EFFECT of training on a business.