Business Studies Activity: Customer Service

This is for use in KS 3/4 Business Studies

Why do this unit?

Students should understand the concept of customer service: what it is, how it is achieved and why it benefits the business.

What does this unit do?

The exercises in this unit encourage students to think about what makes good or poor customer service, and reflect on its importance.


Interactive whiteboard or data projector, PCs for pupils.



Students are asked to link to the Risks & Rewards “How banks earn their money”: and read through.

They are then asked, as a class, to consider who are customers of a bank, prompting a discussion about the public and also other businesses. (In the discussion it should be emphasised that Business to business (B2B) is equally as important as the general public customer.)

Main activities:

There are two main activities which will take an hour-long lesson :

1. The teacher should make it clear that to be effective, customer service has to meet or exceed the customers’ expectations. It does not always have to be five star service, but must match the customer expectation e.g. a shopper at a car supermarket will EXPECT a different level of service than at an Aston Martin dealership. As long as the expectation is met or exceeded, then the customer service was good.

It should be noted that customer service might involve pre-sales, during sale and after sales services.

In a “MARKET PLACE” activity, the students should be split into three groups. Each group will investigate and make (very few) notes on their assigned topic. One person from the group stays with the notes to teach the other groups. The other people go to the other groups and learn. They return to their original group and discuss their findings on all 3 areas:

  • The aim of customer service
  • How customer service is given
  • The benefits of good customer service

The teacher might sum up that most of the above = greater profit

2. The essay attached below should be given – along with the grid and key words. DO NOT show the peer marking rules until they have completed the essay. It should take no more than fifteen minutes to complete and ten minutes to be marked.


Q&A session on the benefits of good customer service, getting each student to expand or give examples for what someone else said.


Students could note down examples of customer service they receive during the week. Was it good, if so, why? Was it poor, if so, why? Did the service differ from shop to shop or whether they were alone or with a parent?


“There is no need for banks to bother with customer service if profit is already being made. ”Discuss

10 marks

Answer frame

Paragraph 1 – comments in agreement with examples and analysis
Paragraph 2 – comments against with examples and analysis
Paragraph 3 – a summary conclusion with an attempt at evaluation.


Key words:

Customer expectations
Meeting / exceeding expectations
Word of mouth promotion
Fewer complaints

– 2 marks (theory)
- 3 marks (examples in favour and against)
- 3 possible effects on the business
- 2 marks for an attempt at evaluation