Using Picture Teller to present your proposal

E2BN have produced the 'Picture Teller' tool which is an image-based online application to allow users to create presentations which can include pictures and sound. It allows users to add a single picture or a number of pictures to a timeline and then using the 'zoom & pan' tool, navigate around the images to zoom in on  specific parts of the image or pan across images to create special effects. It is then possible to add voice-over or music to the presentation. The final production can then be embedded in other web sites or downloaded to your own computer for offline viewing. Users are required to register for an account but this is free and you will have immediate access once you complete registration.
The example here gives an idea of how a 'Picture Teller' presentation might look when complete.

So, how could your pupils use this tool? Well, why not challenge them to make their business proposal/pitch using Picture Teller? They could take images of their product or idea and upload them to the site, arrange them on the timeline, then use the 'zoom and pan' tool to navigate around the images. They can then record their voiceover to explain their product, its selling points, the price, its key features etc. When finished they have three options:

  • you can copy the link to your finished piece and add this link to your own web page, VLE, Learning Platform etc
  • you can embed the code in your own web page so that it plays within your own web page or platform
  • you can download the finished presentation to play it offline

In order to help your pupils plan their pitch it may be helpful to use the document below. This is intended to help pupils focus on specific aspects of developing a project pitch or business presentation. Working through this document should help them formulate the key points of the presentation, including:

  • What will your company do
  • What need will your product or service meet?
  • What will you charge for your product?
  • How will people know about your business

For your more able students there are many other areas which they can consider in detail and include in their presentation.