Using Speech Maker to present your proposal

E2BN's 'Speech Maker' tool allows users to write, edit, rehearse and record a speech all within an online environment. Teachers could make use of this tool to help pupils prepare a business presentation related to an enterprise project or a pitch to a group in order to persuade them to invest in their development.

Using 'Speech Maker' pupils can register for an account and then gain access to this site to prepare their speech. Having registered, users can then 'start writing a speech' and use the next page to enter the required text - introduction, middle part and end part - and save this to make use of later in the process. It is then possible to record the speech which has been written with the text appearing in an auto-cue system. At this stage it is also possible to re-edit the original text.

Once written, the recorded speech can be reviewed and, if necessary, re-recorded. When finished they have three options:

  • you can copy the link to your finished piece and add this link to your own web page, VLE, Learning Platform etc
  • you can embed the code in your own web page so that it plays within your own web page or platform
  • you can download the finished presentation to play it offline